Vaccine Requirements Abbott's Groom and Board!

In order for us to provide bathing, grooming or boarding your pets need to be completely up to date on all of their shots provided by a licensed veterinarian. It is very important to keep your pets up to date with all the required shots, especially if planning to board them.

We require all the standard and necessary shots for dogs which include: Rabies, Parvo, DHLP, and Bordetella.

For cats we require: Rabies, FVRCP, and the recommended Feline Leukemia Vaccine.

For our first time visitors, it is mandatory that we receive a copy of the shot records for our file. Have the current vaccine information faxed from your Veterinarian to us at 336-370-8498. Or you can bring the Official Certificate(s) from your Veterinarian with you when you come in.

 Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

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