About Us Abbott's Groom and Board!

Abbott's Groom and Board is owned and operated by Marti and Duane Abbott. We opened for business in November 2007 just in time for the Holiday Season. Our home is on site and the facility is monitored for fire and security. Having our own grooming and boarding business has been our dream since 1996.

Our Story...
Marti has been grooming in the Greensboro area since 1991. She owned Pet-agree Mobile Grooming from 1994 through 1997. When Marti and Duane started their family, she was grooming solely at Forest Oaks Animal Hospital where she worked until they opened Abbott's Groom and Board. A good relationship is still maintained with Dr. Kleisch and his staff at Forest Oaks Animal Hospital. In case of an emergency, Dr. Kleisch is the veterinarian who is called, unless directed differently by a client. Thankfully, no emergency phone calls have needed to be made.

The Abbott family currently consists of two wonderful children, three lovable dogs and a rescued cat, Costello. If Marti had her way, their home would be overflowing with four-legged members. To compromise, Duane thought it best for them to open a boarding kennel so Marti could love lots of animals without the added expense.

Marti and Duane have worked hard to design and build a great kennel for the four-legged furry members of your family. They toured many facilities in North Carolina and Virginia preparing what they hope is the best place to bring your pet for a short or long term visit or even just a day outing. Whatever your pet needs, they are ready and happy to do their best to accommodate you.

The Abbott family supports the Triad Golden Retriever Rescue Organization. Adoptable Golden Retrievers are available in all ages. They are all spay/neutered with all shots current. Adoption fees are reasonable with guaranteed returned "affection".
More information: 336-288-9944 or www.tgrr.org.
Triad Golden Retriever Rescue

Abbott's Groom & Board
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